Amanda Jones

Administration and Development Manager

Amanda joined Salus Medical Services in June 2016 to provide Admin and HR support to the new GP Federation. Our conversation ranged from the challenges of General Practice to her personal talents – which include walking on water…

Tell us a bit about what lead to you joining Salus.

I came here after 16 years as a Practice Manager, and 25 in total in General Practice. I must confess I was looking for something more part time and less stressful, though I was reluctant to break the links entirely.

What made you want to join Salus Medical Services?

I wanted to keep a General Practice connection, plus I loved the idea of having a key role in developing new services. It was a good opportunity to be in from the start.

What’s the highlight of your working week?

That would be the variation. I like the HR (always something different to deal with, which can be challenging at times) and working on new ideas. If it takes the pressure off General Practice, I’m always going to want to be involved. Plus it’s a nice team I work with, one that’s settled down over the last year – we’ve done all the ‘forming, storming and norming’!

‘If it takes the pressure off General Practice, I’m always going to want to be involved.’

It would be nice to know a bit more about you. What are hobbies and interests?

I like to swim, I spend a lot of time in Devon at our holiday lodge, and my remaining spare time is spent on family stuff: doing things with my granddaughter, helping plan my son’s wedding, making the wedding cake… not sure why I let myself in for that last one. Ooh, and I sing with the Farnham Rock Choir, alongside Louise Peddle. The Choir is based at Farnham College, but I only perform with them occasionally. I go to the weekly sessions, but I’m usually in Devon on performance weekends.

Finally, can you tell us something we’d never guess about you...

I’m a very good water skier! We used to have a boat and skied on the lakes near Reading.


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