Fiona Lowen

Clinical Director

Fi Lowen, GP Principal at Farnham Dene Medical Practice, has just joined the Board of Salus Medical Services. Here she tells us more about why she’s taken on the role of Clinical Director – and how her shoe found acting fame.

What job will you be doing, Fi?

I will be sitting on the Board as a Clinical Director, replacing Dr Liz Burrin as a representative for the Farnham area.

What made you want to join Salus Medical Services?

I have been working in and around the local area since 2006 and have been a GP partner in Farnham for over 5 years now. I am interested in the changes primary care is experiencing and want to be a part of getting the best and right care models for our local population. Salus represents all the practices in the CCG and as such is a vehicle for achieving these aims.

What’s the highlight of your working week?

I have just started and only attended one board meeting so far, so I can't yet answer that question!

‘My defining acting moment… my school shoe in shot beside an actor playing dead in Taggart’

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I am a busy mum with 3 young children and an elderly dog. I enjoy running and ski-ing and am a coffee snob! Only the best freshly ground beans for me! My coffee love and knowledge stems from working as a barista one summer in America. Sadly my latte art skill has all but gone.

Tell us something we’d never guess about you...

You wouldn't know but.... when I was a teenager I was an extra in the Scottish TV crime drama, Taggart, and got to meet Mark McManus and James Macpherson (the "stars"). My defining acting moment was my school shoe being in shot beside the actor playing dead on the floor.....


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