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With so many GP practices and 5 localities, it can be hard to get to know everyone you work with.

From time to time we will interview staff members so you can learn more about your colleagues and the work they do. Staff can see the full organisation chart by visiting the Staff and Federation Members Area (see above right).

Mandy Jones

Administration and Development Manager

Shannu Pudaruth

Health Coach, Aldershot locality

Steve Glaister

Manager for Emotional Welbeing Services, Oasis

Fiona Lowen

Clinical Director

Greg Ashley-Buck and Becky Groves

Fanborough Paramedic Practitioners

Sharon Boylett

Associate Director of Nursing

 Maddie Rayment

Aldershot ICT Administrator


Aldershot Centre for Health

Hospital Hill, ALDERSHOT

GU11 1AY

Registered in England no: 9612540

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