Shannu Pudaruth

Health Coach

Shannu joined Salus Medical Services in January 2018 to create a pilot Health Coach service for the practices in the Aldershot locality. Here she talks about her role supporting people as they self-manage their way to better health and fitness.

Tell us a bit about the job you do

I am a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and I work across the Aldershot Practices; mainly Cambridge and Wellington at the Aldershot Centre for Health, Border Practice and Princes Gardens Practice.

Making lifestyle changes such as managing one’s weight, improving nutrition, fitness, health conditions or symptoms can often feel overwhelming.

The Health Coach Service is a one-one patient focused approach with ongoing support, guidance, education to help you achieve your goals for effective, sustainable lifestyle changes. It is a 12 week programme.

The service provides data monitoring before and after the programme so that you can see the impact of your goals you have made on your physical health and general well-being.

The service is relevant to anyone registered with an Aldershot GP practice if you and/or other family members (including children) would benefit from weight loss, increased fitness and/or better nutrition and if you are not already being helped in these areas by another health professional.

What made you want to join Salus Medical Services?

When I saw the Salus advert for a Health Coach, I thought “This is me”. On meeting Dr Karen Robinson at my interview, her passion and vision for prevention of disease through lifestyle change fitted so well with mine, that I could see this pilot working well. Being part of an innovative pilot with real potential for sustainable change in quality of life and prevent disease is both exciting and challenging!

Tell us some highlights of your work

I have many anecdotes. A particularly rewarding one that I would like to share is a 60 year old lady with hypothyroidism diagnosed with raised cholesterol levels and hypertension.  She was ambivalent how I could help given she felt that she had tried everything already. At the end of the programme, she wrote me a lovely letter to say how much more she learned about her condition, nutrition and her own motivation. The change in her quality of life is something than cannot be measured in numbers.

‘To quote Walt Disney: The way to get started is to quit talking and begin today.’

It would be nice to know a bit more about you. Do you have any hobbies or interests?

It’s important to me to spend time with my girls who are 6 and 2. We like doing messy play, arts and crafts and baking. I also like cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Finally, can you tell us something we’d never guess about you...

I suspect people look at me and think, I must be good at keeping fit. The truth is my exercise is running around after the girls, I never had a gym membership or being particularly good at sports.


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