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Aldershot Health Coach

Helping to make changes that work for you


The Health Coach...


...uses behaviour change, motivational strategies and communication techniques to create sustainable change for improved health and well-being.


It is a patient-centred approach: patients help to determine their goals and then are supported with education, active learning processes and self-monitoring as they work towards those goals.


To ensure long-term results, the Health Coach is not advising on specifics of a health condition, but giving self-management skills.


Patients average 6-8 sessions over 12 weeks, or are signposted to another service and followed up midway prior to being re-assessed at 12 weeks


The Health Coach keeps the patient's GP up to date on progress and outcomes.


Referrals are made by Aldershot GPs, Practice Nurses or HCAs directing patients who meet the criteria to book an appointment via Reception.



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