Commissioning Salus Medical Services

"Salus recognises the importance of building and maintaining partnership working, and is well positioned to take on services that the CCG, Local Authority or NHS Foundation Trust wishes to deliver through GP surgeries."

We have a unique network of practices, all CQC registered and willing to find new ways to serve their local communities. We have a good relationship with the CCG, the local commissioner of primary care services. In addition we work closely with Frimley Health, Southern Health, Surrey and Borders, Surrey and Hampshire County Councils and other NHS and private providers. As a result we deliver effective care services in the high quality, low cost environment that General Practice presents.

The Salus vision is strategically aligned to principally invest in high quality out-of-hospital care, believing that in-hospital care should be focussed on specialist needs and care for those who are acutely ill.

Unusually for a GP Federation, Salus has significant commercial expertise at board level where our familiarity with Public Sector tendering and bid preparation assures a well considered, cost effective proposal.  Salus also has external bid support agencies, both NHS and commercial, to call upon when necessary and is comfortable working in partnership with other organisations to deliver optimal solutions.