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'Spotlight on Mental Health' is Runner up in National Awards

Southlea GP Principal Lesley Rosling (centre) said: 'The group were overwhelmed to receive this award. To be recognised by the high profile New NHS Alliance for our joint work reflects the value organisations outside our community place on it. They were particularly interested in the work of the creative writing group run by Ali Haydon, who supports people with mental ill health to gain confidence by sharing and performing. We have all learnt from closely working with each other; boundaries have broken down and meaningful cost effective solutions have been proposed. We still have a lot of work to do, but support is growing and the project is beginning to take on a life of its own!'

Learn more on Healthwatch Hampshire's website.

Meet the Director: Fiona Lowen

The new Clinical Director representing Farnham reveals her reasons for joining the Salus Medical Services Board, her aim of getting the best care models in place for local people, and why it's worth getting her to make you a coffee if you happen to meet her.

Meet the Staff: Bo Adam

Clinical Pharmacist Bo was in at the inception of this Salus role. He tells us more about the difference the Clinical Pharmacist team is making to local people managing multiple medicines - and why his university friends might have trouble recognising him now.


The Oasis drop-in Centre pilot extended to March 2018

Judi Page, Director of Just Wellbeing, said: “Being able to extend the pilot by six months is great news for the people of Farnborough, particularly those we have already helped, as we can build on the progress we have made so far. We will also be able to make contact with more people who we can hopefully get on the road to recovery and to managing their own situations or conditions better.”

The Future of General Practice - Salus AGM presentation

At the Salus AGM, Ben Gowland of Ockham Healthcare spoke about the challenges and opportunities facing General Practice, and how GP Federations like Salus can help build robust, effective solutions.

Current Vacancies

Salus is recruiting for some new roles. Visit the Work with us page to find out morey (Closing date 15th November 2017)

Salus Medical Services Ltd AGM on 5th September 2017

Directors Nick Hughes and David Giles sum up the challenges facing the GP federation, the organisation's service and workforce provision and achievements to date, and cover finances and governance.


Salus Medical Services holds its first AGM

The GP Federation covering North East Hampshire and Farnham, held its inaugural AGM in September. The agenda focussed on its developments to date working with localities to enhance and sustain primary care.

North East Hants & Farnham CCG: The AGM turns the spotlight on local services

At their recent AGM, the Clinical Commissioning Group focused on some of the extra services being provided to lighten to load on GP Practices, including some managed by Salus. Watch out for Salus Director Gareth Hughes, Clinical Pharmacist Tanya Auubeluk and Paramedic Practitioners Greg Ashley-Buck and Becky Groves.

Meet the Staff: Sharon Boylett

Sharon joined Salus Medical Services recently to oversee its nursing activity, having previously been involved with the Integrated Care Teams across 3 localities. We spoke about her nursing past, and teased out a little more about her.

Nick Hughes' Podcast - Working with Vanguard

GP and Salus Medical Services Director Nick Hughes talks to Ben Gowland at Ockham Healthcare about the federation's membership of the “Happy, Healthy, at Home” Vanguard, one of NHS England’s Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS).

The vision of the vanguard is “…that local people are supported to improve their own health and wellbeing and that when people are ill or need help, they receive the best possible joined up care.”


Salus Medical Services  Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be taking place on 5 September 2017 19.00 at Princes Hall, Aldershot. We would like to extend an invitation to all Federation members and Salus staff: click on the image for directions.

The Keynote Speaker is Ben Gowland, Director and Principal Consultant of Ockham Healthcare.

Meet the Staff: Greg Ashley-Buck and Becky Groves

Greg and Becky joined Salus to provide a home visiting service to the 7 GP practices in Farnborough, one of the 5 localities that Salus Medical Services covers. This article gives a flavour of their work – and their personalities.


GP Practices and Patients collaborate to make Mental Health discussions easier and more effective

Local  GPs, patients and practice staff are working together to make consultations work better for patients and to improve signposting to available local services. This video is a showcase of the ongoing work.

Meet the Staff: Maddie Rayment

Maddie joined Salus Medical Services in June 2017 to support the Integrated Care Team in Aldershot, one of the 5 locality ICTs. We spoke about her and her work.