Nocturnal Enuresis

Salus Medical Services provides a Nocturnal Enuresis Service for patients and their parents within the CCG area.  Bedwetting is a widespread and distressing condition that can have a deep impact on a child or young person's behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social life.  It is also very stressful for the parents or carers.   


In a nurse led clinic, Salus holds up to five consultations with the patient over a period of months. A plan of support will be agreed with the individual and their families/carers. We will always:


  • Support the child in a positive and constructive manner, to attend and make best use of the available resources to become dry overnight
  • Ensure those involved have a positive experience of the service they receive

Referrals are accepted for children and young people aged 7 or above who have primary or secondary nocturnal enuresis with no other associated continence problems such as daytime wetting or soiling.  Referrals are accepted via GP surgeries or secondary care paediatric care.